A) To organize working journalists in the state of Arunachal Pradesh into a united force.
B) To promote and defined the status and interests of working journalists with regard to wages, conditions of employment, tenure of service and all other matters relating to the practice of journalism.
C) To strive for freedom of the Press.
D) To deal effectively with employers and the government to secure the collective economic and professional interests of working journalists.
D) To build up funds for the provision of legal aid, unemployment benefit and relief to working journalists as well as the pursuit of the aims objectives of the Union.
E) To maintain and promote the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.
F) To strive to secure the right to information as a fundamental right and ensure freedom of expression, safeguarding it from encroachments from any quarter.
G) To combat communalism, racism, gender and anti-working class biases in the press.
H) To conduct the affairs of the union on professional and Trade union lines and to forge organic links with like-minded organizations of newspaper employees, including non-journalist employees of newspaper publishing houses.
I) To secure the representation of the Union on various committees and bodies set up in particular by the Government connected to the profession of journalism.
(J) To conduct the affairs of the Union and its constituent units on professional and trade union lines and to forge organic links with like-minded journalistic organizations.
K) To publish an annual official journal of the union.