Brief History
The origins of the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) can be traced back to 1981 when PB Das, the Arunachal Pradesh correspondant for United News of India (UNI), along with a miniscule group of other correspondants of news agencies got together to lay the foundation of what would go on to become the union.
It would take more than a decade for the union to officially be affiliated to the Indian Journalists Union (IJU) in 1996, marking the start of a long term relationship.
However, the affiliation had to be renewed in 2017 after years of non-communication between the organisations.
Since then, the two unions have built a strong kinship that has led to significant progress and landmark events recently.
In 2018, the APUWJ hosted the North East Journalists Conclave under the banner of the Northeast India Federation of Journalists (NIFJ). The event cemented the APUWJ’s reputation as a major player in the journalists fraternity of the region and the country.
Another major landmark came in March 2020 when APUWJ President Mr Amar Sangno was elected the National Secretary of the IJU. This was a first time an indigenous person from the state was elected to the Executive Committee of the top journalists union of the country, which only enhances the significance of the achievement.
Today, the APUWJ is an inseparable part of the IJU and the country’s media establishment with a strong voice.